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It is important to remember that hair extensions require a different regime of aftercare than normal hair since they receive no nourishment from a root, so you cannot treat them like normal hair.  In order to achieve a range of colours the hair is subject to bleaching and dyeing to varying degrees. The commonest causes of discolouration are exposure to high heat and reaction to other chemicals such as chlorine and sulphides.


  • Exposure to heat – using hair straighteners on hair extensions can cause discolouration. High heat will have an adverse effect on your extensions.
  • Take care when using solariums (tanning salons) as prolonged exposure to UV light can cause discolouration of your extensions.
  • Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can also have an adverse effect on hair extensions.
  • Chemical Exposure – many complaints of discolouration of hair extensions follow holidays abroad where the hair is exposed to suntan lotion, chlorinated water, seawater, fake tanning lotions etc. The chemicals used in certain products will react with the chemicals used in the processing of the hair and cause discolouration and matting.

Adherence to the following precautions will prolong the life of your extensions and keep them in good condition.

  • If you must use straighteners ensure that you choose the lowest heat setting. We advise using a heat protection spray on your extensions when using hair straighteners.
  • In strong sunlight or under exposure to UV lighting it is recommended that you wrap your hair in a towel or wear a hat to protect it.
  • If you are swimming in chlorinated or seawater ensure that you tie your hair up to avoid contact with the water. Certain brands of suntan lotion and fake tans can also affect hair extensions so it is best to avoid contact where possible.  Always rinse your hair in fresh water following exposure to pool or seawater.
  • Do not wash your hair more than twice a week and ensure that you use sulphide free shampoo.
  • Try to avoid over-use of conditioner as direct contact with bonds can cause slippage and can cause the bonds to break down over time.
  • Take extra care when drying and styling hair extensions. Use a proper hair extension brush and be gentle with your extensions when drying them to avoid shedding and matting.

Your Hair Salon/Hair Extensionist should provide relevant advice on aftercare of your hair extensions once they have been fitted.  Please follow this advice and approach your fitter in the first instance where problems arise.

Download our guide here:

Please Click HERE to download our hair extension after care guide.